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Everyone deserves the opportunity for great employment options – regardless of their disabilities. The Coalition For Workforce Diversity helps supply local businesses with the help they need, while helping individuals with disabilities lead more productive and fulfilling lives



Through the collaborative efforts of the Coalition, individuals with disabilities are referred to potential employers who value diversity and recognize the disability community as a largely untapped labor pool


Bryce Clayton APSE 2018

Bryce Clayton was nominated for and won the Personal Achievement Award at the 2018 National APSE conference in Orlando Florida. He has worked at UPS Worldport since 2015 and is now a part-time supervisor in wing Delta South Unload. Bryce is a goal oriented young man…

The Coalition’s Efforts Have Received National Attention

The Coalition’s efforts have received some national attention in the Ready to Work Business Collaborative. Here is the link. “I consider this is a tribute to all of us (employers, job…

UPS Delivers Secret Sauce Disability Inclusion

The UPS Transitional Learning Center (TLC) is a cooperative effort between UPS and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity (via Options Unlimited, Inc.) to allow people with disabilities – who are sourced through the Coalition – to experience UPS jobs through hands-on…

The Coalition and Options Unlimited have been a tremendous resource. They are a large part of our success.


Distribution Center Director, Best Buy Distribution Center

We are always interested in adding employers and agency partners and potential workers with disabilities to our team