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About us

The Coalition For Workforce Diversity is a network of employers, service providers, and resources that are committed to supporting people with disabilities focusing on employment opportunities. We realized many employers were already broadening their recruitment efforts, and sought to incorporate more diversity into their current workforce. We understood there was already a very large pool of individuals with various disabilities who were eager to work, but were underrepresented in terms of finding employers. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity stepped in and brought the the employers and potential employees together. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity provides support and partnership with employers and facilitates the recruitment and hiring process for individuals with disabilities.

We find employment for people with a wide range of disabilities ranging from hearing and sight impaired to Down’s Syndrome and autism. Working with such brands as Best Buy and UPS, we have successfully found meaningful and productive employment for a number of individuals who previously had little or no representation. Moving forward, we hope to expand our model and encourage other employers to take advantage of the unique and beneficial skills so many individuals with disabilities have to offer.

We are always interested in adding employers and agency partners and potential workers with disabilities to our team.