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Profiles of Success


Matthew Lowe attended the Transitional Learning Center at UPS in September of 2014, he became a permanent UPSer in October of 2014. He has worked in the Freight Building for the past year. Matthew has helped to lead the group stretches for the past several months.  Today (May 26th, 2016), Matthew informed the team one minute before we were to start the stretches “we are singing the National Anthem first”. So, we all faced the flag, we placed our right hands on our hearts at Matthews command and we sang like nobody was watching…then we did a group stretch.

“Unplanned and off key but, it was awesome! Everyone participated and enjoyed!  The UPS Freight Facility operation is a better workplace for everyone because he accepted this opportunity last year.”

Mark Stillwell

UPS Worldwide Freight Facility Manager


Gerome“I am now part of an organization that truly does cultivate uniqueness and value diversity.  True to its name, Humana treats me like a human being…and that’s all I could ever ask for.” -Gerome


“If you get him where he needs to go, and give him the opportunity, he will do great things…”  These were the words from one of my first doctors as a kid.  My mother was very concerned that her little boy with cerebral palsy would never have the chance to live a productive life.  Thankfully, she took this advice, which is why I can speak to you today.  With help from various friends and loved ones, I’ve had the chance to live an independent, fruitful life despite my disability.  Contrary to the idea of some, having a disability doesn’t automatically mean one is helpless or unable to contribute to the world.  Oftentimes, all that is needed is an opportunity.  I received such an opportunity through the Humana Club, which is a partnership between my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor Mrs. Gina Stephens, and the Kentucky Coalition for Workforce Diversity who partners with Mr. Josh Galle and other Humana leaders to prepare jobseekers and support their aspirations.  With all the support I received: resume advice, interview preparation, mentoring, and networking, I became a valued Humana employee.


I worked at Kroger before coming to Best Buy as part of the Transition Work Group (TWG) in April of 2011; I became a permanent Best Buy employee in October of 2011. The Coalition for Workforce Diversity helped me find this job through Options Unlimited, Inc. without them I would probably not be working at Best Buy today. On-site job coaches provided support to me to help me learn at my own pace. They helped me build natural supports in my work environment and develop good working relationships with my co-workers. After I became a full time employee of Best Buy in October 2011, I was grateful to the coalition that the on-site job coaches were still available to me. I feel that my direct supervisor was impressed with my work habits and the fact that I always give 100% when learning and completing tasks. I began cross training in different departments shortly after being hired full time. I now know how to work in seven different areas in the Product Return Center and can do three different tasks in the DotCom logistics operation. I am able to train co-workers and new employees on different tasks.  I have become a self-advocate as well as someone who advocates for others. “Over the three years of my employment I feel that with the support of the Coalition and Options Unlimited I have grown into a well-rounded, versatile employee.”

Thank you, Ethan Barnes

We are always interested in adding employers and agency partners and potential workers with disabilities to our team.